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The Census has likely already reached out to you, whether that’s through ads or postcard reminders. South Jordan currently only has a 50% reporting rate. For each person who doesn’t fill out the Census questionnaire that is $1,800 in federal funding the City and its residents lose.

What is the Census and Why is it So Important?

Every ten years the US Census Bureau does a full population count of everyone living in the United States. The Census is mandated by the US Constitution and your response is required by law. Results directly effect your life in this country for the next 10 years, as the Census determines:

State and local community funding through 2030
The federal government primarily uses population counts to know where to allocate public funding — for schools, hospitals, infrastructure, parks, disaster relief planning, public housing and many other sectors that require public funding.

If an area within the US is not properly counted, that area will not receive proportional funding respective to their population for the next decade, and funds will go elsewhere.

House seats, Electoral College points for each state
Census numbers effect the amount of House seats each state gets in Congress, and therefore the number of Electoral College points each state can be awarded in Presidential elections.

435 U.S. House of Representative seats are divided between all 50 states following every Census, proportional to every state’s share of the national population. And electoral college points are awarded to each state based on their number of House reps + two Senators. Southern and western states are expected to grow in population share in 2020, but everyone needs to participate for these states to acquire their fair share of governmental say.

How maps are redrawn for voting power (Redistricting)
Population counts are used to redraw congressional, state and local district boundaries, to ensure each person’s vote is as close to one person = one vote as possible. If you don’t participate, your vote will count less when the maps are redrawn in March of 2021.

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