City Strategic Priorities

Our Mission

South Jordan City provides service-oriented, responsible government, consistent with the community's values, priorities, and expectations for a high quality of life, enhancing the City's fiscal health, providing professional and innovative services, and managing the City's resources, while planning for the future.

Our Vision

We are a family-oriented community, founded upon principles of accountability, integrity, industry, and innovation with an unwillingness to compromise in securing a sustainable environment for future generations.

Our Values

South Jordan City employees hold the following service values:

  • Integrity: We do the right thing, even when no one is looking
  • Service: We listen, understand, and deliver
  • Professionalism: We are committed to be the best
  • Communication: We are respectful and collaborative
  • Excellence: We continue to raise the bar on our performance
  1. Strategic Priorities
  2. Safe Community
  3. Reliable Public Infrastructure
  4. Balanced Regulatory Environment
  5. Desirable Amenities & Open Space
  6. Economic Development
  7. Sustainable Growth
  8. Engaged Community
  9. Responsible Governance

Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities bring life to the City's budget and provide an easy guide for residents to align their taxes to measured outcomes. The City has long honored its commitment to maintaining outstanding community programs and services by employing a highly productive team who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service as well as budgeting and expending funds in a fiscally conservative manner.