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1. Where are the flood concerns in the city?
2. What about neighborhoods with high ground water?
3. What can I do to prepare for flood risk?
4. What is the City doing to proactively help with flood risk?
5. Are the canals a flood risk?
6. Is the Jordan River a flood risk?
7. My question isn't answered here, where can I get an answer?
8. Where can I pick up sandbags?
9. How much should sandbags be filled?
10. How long do sandbags last?
11. Where should I dispose of my sandbags?
12. Who should I contact if I see flooding?
13. How do I stack my sandbags?
14. Who do I call if I see a blockage/debris build-up?
15. Does homeowners’ insurance cover flooding?
16. Why are you asking residents to keep drains clear of debris, isn’t that your job or the local fire department’s job?
17. What is the time frame for potential flooding?