Home Occupation

Home Occupation Business License Information

Not all home occupation businesses are required to obtain a business license from South Jordan City. The only types of home occupation businesses that require a license from South Jordan are:

  • In-home child or adult care and preschool businesses;
  • Businesses that have customers/clients coming to the home; and
  • Any business that is required by another government agency to obtain a city business license.

All other home occupations may operate without a city business license.

A home occupation business license is available to any home occupation business that is otherwise exempt from licensing but still wishes to have a city license. Simply apply for a Home Occupation Business License via the online Portal, submit required documents, and pay fees as per the City's fee schedule.

For more information regarding Home Occupations see Chapter 5.38 of the Municipal Code.

Per South Jordan City Municipal Code 5.38.010: A home occupation is any business or income producing activity conducted from a residential property. The home occupation provisions are intended to provide opportunities for minor in-home businesses which do not require the facilities of or have the impacts of larger concerns. Many types of businesses are allowed; provided, that they meet all of the provisions of this chapter. Home occupations do not include occasional baby sitting at the dwelling which would not be classified as a daycare or preschool operation. Home occupations are considered accessory uses in residential and agricultural zones. Garage or yard sales are not considered home occupations but may be held no more than four calendar days per year. Sales of night crawlers gathered from the subject property, lemonade stands and similar occasional activities related to the subject premises are not considered home occupations. Temporary signage may be used to advertise yard sales, night crawlers, lemonade stands and similar occasional sales activities, provided it does not create a nuisance, is not placed on the public right-of-way and provided it is removed by seven o'clock (7) P.M. each day and upon conclusion of the activity. Home occupations will have no significant impact on the neighborhoods in which they are located and are considered to be secondary and incidental to and compatible with residential use.

To obtain a home occupation business license complete the online business license application.

All home occupation business license applications are required to provide the following two documents with the application:

  • Floorplan worksheet (PDF) - A sketch or copy of the floor plan of the dwelling. Note or highlight the area to be devoted to the home occupation. Include dimensions of the dwelling as well as dimensions of the area that will be devoted to the home occupation. Include the total square footage of the dwelling, as well as the total square footage of the area devoted to the home occupation. This can be uploaded into the Portal or emailed.
  • Ordinance Agreement (PDF) - A signed Home Occupation Ordinance Agreement is also required before a license can be issued. This can be uploaded into the Portal or emailed.

Home Daycare / Preschool Business License

In addition to the above, please include the following information with your application:

Home Daycare:

  • The total number of children (including your own), as well as their age, that will be coming to the home
  • Copy of your Child Care License issued by the Utah Department of Health

Home Preschool:

  • The total number of children, as well as their age, that will be coming to the home
    • Note: Students ages shall be 3, 4, or 5 years old. City ordinance will allow a maximum of eight students
  • The number of sessions per day (maximum two), number of sessions per week (maximum four), and session times (maximum three hours)

Home Daycare/Preschool is required to have a fire inspection completed by South Jordan Fire Department as part of the application process and must:

  • Have two separate egress
  • Protect against hot surfaces
  • Have a portable fire extinguisher on each level occupied by children
  • Conduct a quarterly evacuation plan (fire drill)

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