Water Quality

The South Jordan City Water Division is dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water. The Water Division takes over 100 water samples a month, checking to make sure the levels for chlorine and disinfectant bi-products are safe. They also look for dangerous bacteria and viruses, and monitor other natural contaminants. A third-party lab analyzes the samples, and results are reported to the State.

Annual Drinking Water Reports

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996 requires all water suppliers to provide important information about the water quality to their customers on an annual basis. The South Jordan water system had 0 water quality violations in 2015.

View the 2022 Water Quality Report.

View previous annual drinking water reports in the Archive Center.

What to Do if You Believe You're Having a Water Quality Problem

If you believe you are having a water quality problem please contact the Water Division immediately at 801-446-4357 (HELP) during office hours or at 801-840-4000 after hours. The Water Division will investigate any water quality issue for free.

Commonly reported issues have included:

  • Odor and Taste - This can be caused by a number of different factors, including algae growth in the mountain reservoirs in the late summer, stagnant water during the winter, chlorine levels, etc. Although some of these issues just make the water taste different, always contact the Water Division if you notice a problem.
  • Cloudy or Milky Water - This is most often caused by air in the water lines. Fill a glass of water and if it is air it will become clear after 10 to 15 minutes. If the water remains cloudy or if there is a smell with the cloudiness contact the Water Division immediately.
  • Discolored Water (Pink, Reddish-Brown, or Muddy) - This can be caused by natural sediments in the plumbing lines, bacteria growth, dirt from a water leak repair, water softener malfunctions or sediments from your water heater. The Water Division will help investigate the cause for free.